Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Maybe you're a weirdo like me.  Maybe not. 

Yesterday I finally spotted the end of a rainbow on the road just ahead.  I checked several times, expecting a pot of gold.  What?  No pot, no gold, nada. I was bummed.  Sorry to blow it for you.

Once again - in the car.  I battled to get a fly out for several miles.  15 miles from home - it finally escaped.  At which point, I was overcome with guilt.  I had broken up a fly family and they will never be reunited.  W-E-I-R-D-O

Hooray for 24 hour service (NOT!).  We forward the Buck's phones to Scott's cell phone when we leave for the night.  I'm not certain why some folks choose 3 am to chat about their toilet service, but it is not conducive to a full night's rest.  Do they really expect to pay their bill in the wee hours of the morning or is a broken toilet seat an emergency that needs to be discussed at 2am??  For pete's sake people, have you not heard of 8 in the morning??!! 

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