Sunday, January 6, 2013

Not much sleep

1 motel room
2 beds
5 occupants


This is how it went.  Papa and Mama Bear switched usual sides of the bed (think it had something to do with Papa Bear wanting to doze and FINALLY giving Mama control of the remote).  Teenager Bears are together in the other bed- not excited about the arrangement.  Baby Bear is in a makeshift bed assembled by pulling 2 uncomfortable chairs together.

Lights go off.

Father Bear begins snoring loudly, steadily increasing in volume

Mother Bear is restless.  Tells Father Bear to turn over, tells baby bear to stop singing, fields questions from the other two about Papas snoring.  Gets up to adjust thermostat on the wall. 

Still restless.  Wakes up Papa Bear and "suggests" that they switch sides of the bed as "they" do not seem to be sleeping.

Papa Bear cooperates. Continues the snoring

Baby Bear still talking.  Upon questioning, she confides that she is rehearsing her "sales speech" for tomorrow's Bridal Show.  She is excited and says she will tell Mama in the morning.

Just drifting off . . .

Teenager girl Bear (chronic sleep talker) hollers loudly, "RAIN!"

Baby Bear gets out of makeshift bed and peeks out the window.  "No rain", she reports.

Mother Bear gets up to adjust thermostat again.  Her eyes ain't what they used to be and she has to stand 3 ft away from the controls and attempt to decipher their meaning.  Fan kicks on - all is well.

A few hours pass . . .

Baby Bear touches mom on shoulder - "Can I please get in bed with you - that is a horribly uncomfortable bed?"  Baby squeezes between Papa & Mama.

Mama gets up to use the restroom and check the thermostat. 

Mama crawls in the opposite end of the bed, so her head is at the foot end of the bed.  Both Papa and Baby Bear touch Mamas feet and legs, stumped as to the situation.  Finally . . .  some sleep. 

Baby Bear gets out of bed, stopping at Mama's head to alert her, "I'm gonna barf!"  She then scurries to the bathroom to get rid of her supper. 

Never so glad to see light peeking through the curtains signaling that night was O-V-E-R!


Kylee said...

ha ha! I loved it!

Amy said...

Thanks for the laugh! Although probably not so funny at the time!