Friday, March 15, 2013

Mare Mare

Mare has been bumped to level 4 in gymnastics.  It is at this level that she will begin to compete.  She goes 2 nights/week and (surprise surprise) immediately made friends.  Her favorite teammate (in her words) is the girl with the perfectly oval shaped face with matching ovalish shaped hair. 
Maren was student of the month in February and won an exceptional student award for the district.  She met the School Board members and admitted to being nervous.  Her? Nervous? Nah.
The vintage outfit is compliments of the GW.  She wore this to school and was certain that she would be unrecognizable. 


John said...

Very nice Maren! I was going to post the video of me doing the same cartwheels, but darn, can't find it. We are very proud of your scholastics -- amazing work!

CabinFever said...

An old phrase suddenly comes to mind - I'm gonna come down on you like a 1000 lb rock!