Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rusty, Dusty and MINE!

I was invited invited myself to peruse a gal's stuff. Her family is moving and she wanted to lighten the load. It was a public service really.  I'm not collecting anymore, I recently muttered to myself.  Nevertheless - I could not resist and I came home with a few treasures. 

The endorphin rush kicked up a notch when she said, "let's go down to our old barn".  Hmmmm, my mind was racing.  Yipppeee, I skipped behind her like a 3 year old.  An ordinary Wednesday morning turned awesome!

A HUGE galvanized mailbox that has survived multiple baseball bat beatings
 And, drumroll please . . .  who could resist an authentic cattle brand?
Especially when it has our initials!  The kids can now have cowbells and brands!  Tattoos are for sissies, we prefer branding!  OUCH!

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