Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not so Sweet!

I'm currently working on a remodeling project. 

We'll get to the before and after photos at a later date (perhaps MUCH later).

The remodeling project is close to home and is personal.  VERY personal.  I'm attempting to remodel this sugar addicted body into a healthy one.

If it seems like I'm being harsh using the term "addict" - think again.  Watch Dr. Lustig's youtube videos, I guarantee you will come to the same conclusion.

If you eat sugar, you will crave more.  PERIOD!  And sugar is a poison.  PERIOD!

What?  I thought those warm chocolate chip cookies were another word for love?  Think again.  They are essentially "telling" your family that you wish they would die young with rotten teeth, possibly from complications of diabetes or heart disease.

So, my name is Lisa and I am a sugar -holic.  But all that's about to change.  Stay tuned.   

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